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Any recommendations for a good host that offers fast speeds and a data server in Australia

I’m hoping to start a web design business in Australia. I have 8 websites at the moment, mix between Blog, LMS and WooCommerce. My current web host isn’t fast enough, and I’ll need to upgrade when I take on more clients. Any recommendations for a good host that offers fast speeds and a data server in Australia?
I’ve so far compared SiteGround, Cloudways and VentraIP, and am still unsure as all have different pros and cons. I’m currently with InMotionHosting.


Answers :

Of the three options you mentioned above Cloudways is by far the best option. If you’re looking to scale check out GridPane, but might be a bit pricey for just 8 sites. For now I’d go with Cloudways Vultr HF (Sydney).

Rumor has it UpCloud is opening a DC in Sydney soon (January?). I’d take that over Vultr HF even with the VHF hype. (I’ve used both.). But I don’t think CW supports UpCloud but GP does and that’s a better option over CW. Even if it comes out to be more expensive than CW it’s a better value. And the CEO just commented on this post if that tells you anything about their accessibility. And I’d say the same even if he hadn’t.

I would narrow it down to Cloudways and VentralP for what you’re trying to accomplish. I do think Cloudways might be your best bet given what you have now and scale ability.

Depends on how much time you want to be managing servers and the tech side of things. If you’re more interested in building and launching, I’d try FlyWheel.

I have tried many Aussie hosts. One big questions is do your clients require cPanel to manage their hosting? If so I love Net Virtue, they have great reseller hosting and I have about 15 clients on the from Moodle, to PHP applications to WordPress all perform very well.

I may be biased because I work on the Nexcess product team, but we have phenomenal managed options in our Australian data centers and all were built with dynamic sites in mind. Happy to answer any questions if you’re interested.

Gridpane with Vultr Hf servers and don’t look back.

you could look into Vultr HF directly (cheap, super fast). You can setup their server with Plesk (free) though rather than cPanel which comes at a cost.


What if you setup aws server. I can offer you my services includes complete managament of all aws servers and also i can offer website design and development for you as a backend office if needed. You can take orders and we will work as a backend office. Let me know if needed.

You may benefit from having a dedicated server with technical support arrangements. Or before you reach that level, you could use a reseller CPanel offering. We provide clients with Green Web Hosting in Australia. Happy to chat about your options and see if we can be of help to you.

I’m looking to move off Siteground, the best wordpress hosting reddit due to fluctuating performance. I’ve got some NZ sites. Does anyone have any recommendations for NZ sites.

Since you need the ability to give your clients cPanel access, I would sign up for a reseller account over at NameHero. A2 Hosting also has a great reseller account. That way you can host each client’s website on their own isolated cPanel environment and give them access to that + e-mail and such

GridPane is worth considering, GridPane could be a good solution for this as well. That is particularly true if you plan to grow to host more sites. We moved all of our websites to them last March and I am extremely satisfied and a big fan.

Synergy are great, and so are Conetix and WP Hosting. I worked for the latter for a couple of years so know them well, and the industry, generally. Happy to tell you who not to look at too.

If you’re not that technical (or are… but don’t want the hassle) make sure you opt for a provider that has great support.
An example: I have an account with Cloudways, which I rate highly. But found myself locked out of my account and had to wait many hours to get a response / resolution. They don’t offer chat support (at the tier I’m in). So consider these kind of scenarios too.
Another thing: look at a provider’s partner programs too to get a sense of how they work with agencies.
Also, I now work for Convesio. We have a presence in Australia (servers and… me). Our tech is quite different, as is our modus operandi. We’re working to better define and articulate our partner program. Happy to have a chat if you’re interested.

I went from GoDaddy to Ventra a couple years back and their customer service was so dismal I ended up going back to GoDaddy with my tail between my legs. Everything was my fault, they couldn’t help, etc etc etc.

Maybe you can try , they have data center in Australia. If you are unable to find your local provider, you can also look for US provider.